Monday, November 24, 2008


Thank you all for your name suggestions and encouraging words.
So far so good, the little Cory Cat made it through the night, as did Boodest, Puldeff, and Bumcroft. (Just kidding, my kids didn't buy into these names for the Giant Danios for some odd reason- sorry guys- no accounting for taste you know!) But the little Cory Cat is mine, I get to name it whatever I want.
I was quite taken with Stephen's comment/suggestion, though I am undecided whether the name should be Rick James or simply Superfreak ;-)
I hope you are not all planning to report me to PETA (or would it be PETF??) for putting little "superfreak" in the tank with Mr.T, But for the record we have found several sites that claim that " electric yellow Labidochromis caeruleus are some of the most docile african cichilds".
I believe this means they will only eat other fish that actually fit in their mouths.
great mohawk , no?

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Stephen said...

You could call him RJ for short, but I'm quite alright if you choose superfreak.