Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beating a dead horse

Still on the subject of the Demeter's scents... (no, they do not have a "Dead Horse", though they do have saddle and "riding crop"-...but I digress).
I was thinking they should have a scent called "teenage boy's bedroom" (somewhat similar to dead horse I suppose)- anyone else with me out there?? I think it would be extremely curative for empty nest syndrome!
1 spray and you are completely over being nostalgic..

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Addie said...

They could create the scent by combining "Locker Room", "Dirty Socks" and "Funky Closet". I almost never open my guys' doors for that very reason. Ewww...


PS - Word verification: colli

Addie is afraid to enter the kids' rooms for fear of e. colli.