Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fascinating (well to me anyway)

Today I found what I consider to be one of the most fascinating websites/ companies.

How many of you out there are familiar with the Demeter fragrance library?

This company manufactures colognes, body lotions, room sprays, candles, etc. But they are not content to carry just the usual; ordinary, run of the mill, fruity or flowery fragrances...

But I am getting ahead of myself,

First some background...
I stumbled upon their site because my 10 year old daughter was mentioning how much she loved the smell of marshmallows, And how she wished she could make her pillow smell like that.

I have been known to spray our linens with my cologne, and I thought, surely there is either a room freshener or a body spray out there somewhere that smells like marshmallows (and wouldn't that be a "sweet" (pardon the pun) surprise for her).
A Quick search on Google- and up pops the Demeter company (a limited number of their more mainstream products/scents are sold on QVC), but unfortunately no marshmallow on QVC.

Ok, so lets look directly at the company's site.
And I am SOOO glad I did.

Yes, they have marshmallow, vanilla ice cream, birthday cake, and a plethera of candy scents. They also have some odder names that could just be a perfume's name (not necessarily the actual scent) .... Among these I would say are: Bonfire, Firefly, Holy Water, and Dirt.

But it gets much better my friends:

Ok, so these Could also just be odd names. You know "Urban Decay" sort of names. But NO if you read the site, mildew is SUPPOSED to smell like the genuine article- like mildew. Dust like dust. Turpentine like paint thinner (oh, and there is one called paint too I believe- in case you need to make your house smell like it has just been freshly painted.) I am not sure why anyone would need this one:

But my favorite has to be


Addie said...

That's really interesting...I had never heard of this company. One free safety tip: Whatever you do, don't wear "liver" to Petsmart!


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Things that make you go huh....


Leslie said...

You may have just solved a problem for me, for 2 years I have been looking for a candle that smells like pound cake ! I had a friend once that had a pound cake scented candle.

alex said...

and funeral home, but nothing called Pound cake? Unbelievable but true.
They do however have :
angel food cake, birthday cake, vanilla cake batter, sugar cookie, and scottish shortbread cookie. At $6 per 1/2 oz. cologne bottle, (but $16 for a candle) you may want to see if any of the above scents smells like "pound" cake to you.

Leslie said...


As tempting as mildew, and earthworm sound. I think I will keep looking for pound cake. I can just hear the comments some people make, such as your home smells like earthworms and or mildew. How great ! Thanks, for checking it out for me though. Have a good one !

Zan said...

Funeral home??? Seriously though, I think I'm gonna order some sugar cookie!

I just found your blog - thanks for the smiles!!

alex said...

Welcome, bienvenue, boa vinda!
Shove the greyhound off the sofa and make yourself at home.