Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Food for thought

Well, ok, maybe more like the equivalent of "junk food" for thought.

I was thinking today "what is one's most precious possession"?

First to come to my mind were: my wedding ring, my photo albums, and the necklace my grandmother gave me- things that are IRREPLACEABLE.

Now, Now, no saying "the pups/ hounds", out there, because we all know that they are not possessions; Roommates? yes, friends, even adopted family,

in some cases, our domestic helpers-( physical trainer, therapist, bodyguard) in other cases (you know who you are) more like our employers- as we are their; nursemaids, chefs, doormen.

But what made me think about this, was the fact that my dishwasher died...

I will not dwell on the cause (other than to say that someone with a y chromosome ran it last :-)

I know that your dishwasher was probably NOT what came to mind when I said most precious possession, but you try doing all the dishes for a family of 7- (8 when my son's girlfriend eats over) and see if that perception doesn't change.....


Alaina said...

What about your computer? You couldn't live with out that mom.

Addie said...

Oooh, Alex, I love my dishwasher, too. Without it, my poor kids would have to wash the dishes by hand. I'd probably get a visit from child protection!


Leslie said...

If I had a dishwasher, it would be "one" of my prize possessions. I prize my computer and I would love to have another dog. My little dog Rags died 2 years ago, But, she lived 16 years. She was part Poodle and I loved her dearly and still miss her. I will be so happy to see Lori and family and their dogs.