Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fingers crossed

3 years ago when we finished our basement we installed a 45 gallon fresh water fishtank, built directly into the wall. Of course our tank has seen it's fair share of inhabitants come and go. Gill, our angelfish (named after that tough angelfish in "Finding Nemo") is actually one of it's original residents.
We also have a Labidochromis cichlid (named Mr. T) who was no larger than a molly when we first got him, he is a monster now. And he has come under suspicion several times when some of his smaller tank mates have mysteriously disappeared never to be seen again.
A few weeks ago the number of fish in our tank reached an all time low of 4 members! Mr.T, Gill, our Pleco (named Hannibal)-(yes, as in the A-team characters- NOT Silence of the Lambs)and an Archer fish named creatively enough Archie. Well, we finally got around to stopping at the fish store today and picked out 5 new fish. Three giant Danios- chosen in the hopes that they would not be as tempting to the cichlid, 1 diamond tetra, and 1 cory cat. Unfortunately the Cory Cat is very small (about 1/2 inch). Hopefully he will grow very fast :-)
Names for the new fish are still under discussion. (Feel free to make suggestions).
(and please no suggesting "Sushi" for my poor little Cory Catfish)


Leslie said...

I am so tempted to give
you some of the word Verification words for names but I am not that cruel ( I don't think.) ;^)

My blog for today has some of the v. words in it.

The only thing that comes to mind is: Minnie Pearl but, whoever heard of a fish with two names ??

I am off to Atlanta in the morning.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

How about "Boodest" for a name? That is my word verification this time. I would love to have a fish tank again, but I'm afraid it will be a lot of work.


Stephen said...

That little cory cat is going to have to be a superfreak to grow fast enough to keep Mr. T off his tail. I will call him Rick James. Sure beats my word verification (puldeff).

Leslie said...

Here I am at 1 A.M., can't sleep very anxious to see my kids today.

Here is one more name for you to look at maybe Bulga for the smallest one, like the whale. I dare not offer you this v. word, which is bumcrot of all things !!

I play Scrabble on my computer a lot and I am really "word" crazy.

Zan said...

I love fish tanks. They're so relaxing to watch. How about Sampson for the little cat as he has to deal with his own version of Goliath?.

Trina said...

I am obviously not the correct one to ask from my past posts! And good luck keeping things alive with the cichlid! mean little guys!