Friday, March 26, 2010

Please vote for Hero

5 finalists for each of the 12 weeks, and not a greyhound in the group?
Don't they know that greyhounds RULE the couch?
Please click on the button to the right and vote for Hero, lets get some of this prize money donated to greyhound rescue.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Driving Miss Daisy

Hero here, all ready for the "Saint Patrick's Day" Meet and Greet.
I want to thank all our Greyt volunteers.
Harper, our "donations dog". She looks greyt in green too.
Venus joined us too. Looks like someone told her a funny joke- perhaps the one about leprechan and the golfer

the lovely Miss Ginger, We are all impressed with how far she has come! No longer the shy baby, she beguiles all passers-by with her continental charm and good looks.

and believe it or not-
Macy, Buford, and Puddin' actually made it with Tracy.
Such dedication!

And of course it was Daisy's first Meet and Greet.

I stuck by her side and gave her lots of reassuring hugs.
and showed her just how this "ambassadog" thing is done.

but this P.R. stuff is tiring work
Daisy is glad to be back home resting in her crate (she crosses her legs in the most lady-like manner)
Me , I have my own style of hanging loose.
Have a GREYT week y'all

Monday, March 8, 2010

Something for Everyone

My DH has a blog of his own called Fumbled Returns
His blog tends to focus more on sports and financial topics, my blog is all kids (those with fur and those without). In the interest marital bliss and togetherness he decided to run a contest that we both can get behind :)

All the info is at this link,
But just so you know- the grand prize is a custom portrait/ print of your dog painted by yours truly.
Please enter anyway :-)

Friday, March 5, 2010

It's A Mystery

Do I have a Sherlock Holmes, a Columbo, or even an Inspector Clouseau among my readers?
Ok so, short story long...(Do I ever tell a story any other way?)
The Blizzard of 2010 took quite a toll on the trees in our backyard.
We have all been getting quite the work out cleaning up the devastation.

Will and I were out back again today, moving branches. I did not bother locking up any of the dogs . We normally give Pepsi and Hero run of the house, and as I have mentioned Daisy does NOT leave the family room by her own volition.
When we came back in the house, Pepsi and Hero were on the living room sofa (as usual), and Daisy was in her crate- BUT so was this....
No, not the green lambie -Look closer

Doug's work glove. I know it was by the front door when I went out. I also know that it probably smells amazing with all that cedar sap. But would Hero or Pepsi have brought the glove into Daisy's crate, (especially with her in it)? Unlikely.
Hero is NOT a big chewer, Pepsi is crate-phobic and NOT into sharing.
But I consider it just as unlikely that Daisy walked calmly all the way to the front door and back and even picked something up along the way.
So tell me, what's your verdict?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Are you my mother?

Quick post.
Miss Daisy is such a love !- She greets everyone (including Will- age 3 ) with kisses, greyhound hugs and the cutest tentative helicopter tail you have ever seen. I am guessing that it has not always been so tentative- because it is missing it's tip (victim of happy tail?).
But lately everything that she does is tentative, because she is NOT loving the smooth floors in our house ! I have done close to 100 laps around the downstairs with her and she actually walked to the front door on her own last night (she does LOVE her walks!) But she is so nervous on the smooth floors that she will NOT take any treats until she reaches "base"- the throw rug in the family room or living room.
She is the easiest foster EVER because she keeps herself in "time-out"- crate, or rug- most of the day. But unlike some other hounds (who shall remain nameless ;) she does not whine about it.
She has not had ANY accidents in the house (more than I can say for our 9 year old Jack Russell- Pepsi). I just wish that she could relax and become a more relaxed, playful dog; the dog she was meant to be.
If you have room in your home (WITH wall to wall carpeting) please contact VAGA 703-288-4649. And I will try to bring myself to part with this little sweetheart.