Sunday, March 14, 2010

Driving Miss Daisy

Hero here, all ready for the "Saint Patrick's Day" Meet and Greet.
I want to thank all our Greyt volunteers.
Harper, our "donations dog". She looks greyt in green too.
Venus joined us too. Looks like someone told her a funny joke- perhaps the one about leprechan and the golfer

the lovely Miss Ginger, We are all impressed with how far she has come! No longer the shy baby, she beguiles all passers-by with her continental charm and good looks.

and believe it or not-
Macy, Buford, and Puddin' actually made it with Tracy.
Such dedication!

And of course it was Daisy's first Meet and Greet.

I stuck by her side and gave her lots of reassuring hugs.
and showed her just how this "ambassadog" thing is done.

but this P.R. stuff is tiring work
Daisy is glad to be back home resting in her crate (she crosses her legs in the most lady-like manner)
Me , I have my own style of hanging loose.
Have a GREYT week y'all


houndstooth said...

Hero, you look so dashing in that green bow tie! No wonder Ginger looks up to you!


gyeong said...

Showing the new kid how to be an ambassadog is hard work. That is a well deserved rest on the couch

CC said...

It looks like it was a wonderful and full day, you make a wonderful ambassadog and Miss Ginger look absolutely beautiful.