Sunday, February 28, 2010


The word of the day (or week) is "sweet".
That is because our darling daughter Alaina turned sweet 16 last Sunday.
Her surprise party started with a "one horse open sleigh ride" with her best friend, Brandy.

Then partying with her nearest and dearest friends:
Playing pool and darts.
Oh yes, and Surprise Guest, Chris Pine of Star Trek fame :)
Sweet also describes our new foster "Chasing Daisies"
She is awfully skinny, but I am confident that the Panacur, plus the Bratwurst that we hide her pills in will fix that.

She seems to be that very rare type of greyhound who appreciates the value of the "Disney" channel.

Plenty of kisses to go around

Have a Greyt week all...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hearts and Hounds

A somewhat belated Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.
I have a pretty good excuse for being tardy with my wishes. We spent several hours today participating in VAGA's Meet and Greet.
Valentine's Day is all about love. And well, greyhounds and love just go together, don't they? :)

Hero and Gracie

Puddin' with her entourage (Hero and Buford make impressive body guards don't you think?)

Lovely Miss Macy

Elegant Ginger (with a "sit" that would inspire any sculptor)

Handsome Buford
Blurry or not, that is one happy face!
Sweet Harper

Now Miss Puddin' has an interesting habit of walking underneath Hero. She has done it on several occasions. Normally she will simply continue on her way but, this time she was mesmerized by the birds and well.....
Truly, My Hero has the patience of a Saint.

Here is what she was so focused on.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl vs. Snow Ball

Here in Virginia we are experiencing one of the "worst" snowstorms of the last 100 years. (I think officially it is #3). I say "worst" but the kids definitely think "best".
The trees, on the other hand, are not coping well- lots of branches down.
And as for the dogs-
I think W.T. wooF?
Pretty much sums it up.

I believe our official total was 26" of snow- though plenty of drifts are MUCH deeper.
Thank Heaven we still have power (many are not as lucky).
We could still eat our barbecue ribs, stuffed potato skins, and fajitas,
and watch the Saints win the Super Bowl!