Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mango / Biggie Z Dogpile contest

Mango and Biggie Z are co-hosting a contest they are calling "dogpile".
The rules are simple enough - see how many "objects" you can pile on your dog before he or she "objects" :)
This is the kind of competition where Hero can really shine- it consists of lying still . And with 5 kids we have a good supply small toys.
Here is Hero's entry:

Retired greyhound
34" long
27 toys (Horse,tan dog,yellow dog,striped squid.tiger,yellow gecko- on feet not floor:) ,penguin,bumble bee,clown,orange tiger rattle,purple dinosaur,b/w checkered whale,lion,blue&stars ball,black cat,b/w checkered dinosaur,white dog,green lamb,red mouse,tiger,red penguin keychain,blue meerkat,blue dog,red tiger,red wart hog,brown dog with white face,anteater)

For the small dog category we have Pepsi:
Jack Russell/ beagle mix
20" long
15 toys (pink bear,horse,bug rattle,striped squid,Red dog,chicken Christmas tree,yellow dog,grey octopus,lion,yellow dog,tiger rattle,Bumblebee,clown,tiger,cow)
The challenge is ON

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thank you (cards)

Thanks for all the greyt suggestions ! !!
(I have narrowed it down to the following submissions)
Now it is up to our friends at Houndstooth-
Which set of cards do YOU want?

Dare to Daydream
Paws for Reflection...
I'm bursting with Enthusiasm... On the inside
No caption

Friday, January 15, 2010

A little help from my friends please....

As you know our friends at Houndstooth were visitor # 10,000 - and thus we owe them a prize.
Having fun with one of the photos Carrie sent me of her gorgeous hound Bunny, I decided to branch out into a new medium; watercolors.
Now "experimenting" on someone else's greyhound definitely doesn't sound good, but I promise, no hounds were harmed in the creation of this print,
and I did warn her that you get what you pay for...

So here is where the "help" comes in. I am looking for a witty caption/ title for this pic. (The intention being to print it into a greeting / note card- my first thought was something like "Tales from the couch..." But I know y'all can do better) And how about we say, the winner gets some note cards too ????...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Warrenton Meet and Greet

Yesterday was our monthly VAGA Meet and Greet, right here in lovely Warrenton, Virginia :)
Ambassadogs extraordinaire : Puddin' Pop, Harper, and Hero.

Harper has a secret to share with Puddin'.

No one can resist scritchin' Puddin's belly.

No worries- even right in the middle of the aisle is just fine :)

We met up with a young fellow even bigger than my Hero

Breezer came to join the fun too. Unfortunately Genna had grabbed our OLD digital camera - the one whose auto focus doesn't work dependably anymore...
I LOVED Harper's expression in the following picture but the focus ended up being really soft, so a little "Be Funky" treatment and-

Have a GREYT week all !

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Did you hear?

The very first thing I want to do is thank ALL our blogger buddies for visiting our blog. (Y'all got us to 10,000 visitors in a hurry :)
But congratulations go to our friends at Houndstooth for being visitor # 10,000.
I have requested (and received) pictures of one of her greyhounds and will be coming up with a prize.
Stay tuned....
Secondly, we say good-bye to our friend Broadway Bark (aka Bart)- now Sinclair.
He is going to a wonderful forever home, with experienced greyhound owners- and will have 3 lovely new greyhound sisters.
We will all miss you "Bart" , but trust me you have hit the greyhound -forever home- jackpot.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Will you be #10,000 ??

I noticed my visitor counter for this blog is getting VERY close to 10,000.
I really should have a prize for my 10,000th visitor, don't cha' think?
Of course #10,000 will probably be my DH or DD who regularly troll my blog without leaving comments- (yes you- you know you do!)
Oh well, if you notice that my counter reads 10,000 at your visit, let me know, and I'll see what I can come up with.