Sunday, May 24, 2009

This is how we roll...

Saturday was the Delaplane Virginia Strawberry Festival.
Hero says "I'm ready to go" (notice how he takes a seat?)

The hounds found MANY admirers. I think that VAGA can expect several more adoption applications coming in soon :-)

Strawberries anyone?

Sunday, we stopped by the Chantilly Petsmart (for a meet and greet??) We didn't see any other greyhounds (I don't know what happened), but the hounds still found new friends and admirers.

So off to Dog Scouts,
and lure coursing

Nope- not the lure ;-)

" Hey, why did it stop?"

I Love Zoe's idea of catching the lure.

Or maybe she was just flossing her teeth.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Glamour shots

We have had Maxine for 5 days now.
Already we can see a difference.
She is starting to get a glow about her.
Seriously, this girl is going to be down-right radiant.
Pictures do not do her justice- and she knows it- lol

Pepsi says "enough about Maxine already"

"Talk about how gorgeous I am!"
(umm, doesn't Maxine look impressed?)

On other fronts...
We have started working with Maxine on mastering stairs.
The few stairs leading down from our deck are no problem

We moved into this house when I was 8 months pregnant with my 4th child. I remember so clearly how climbing these stairs felt like climbing Mount Everest, so I can absolutely commiserate with Maxine. But I am sure she will be taking them by leaps and bounds in no time... (unlike me- lol).

Maxine is still looking for her forever home.

Please contact VAGA

(703) 288-4649

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

click to help

See that new gadget on the right side of my page?

The sponsors have promised to donate .6 of a bowl of food to animals in shelters every time someone clicks it/ and then the bar at their site (completely free of charge for you).

You can also try to win our Greyhound Rescue groups some of the 60 weekly prizes (equalling $ 100,000),

By clicking the shelter challenge "vote now" button and entering Virgina Greyhound Adoption (VA in state area) or
Greyhound Rescue Inc. (WV)
in the information field.
Of course, All rescues affiliated with Petfinders are eligible.

Maxine says:

"Thanks for helping".

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More fun with Hero and Maxine

Today we took Maxine to our local park.
Hero was only too glad to show her the ropes.Doesn't she look lovely all decked out in her "adopt me" jacket?
This young lady walks very nicely on a leash.

We think she will do fine with a family with children. She greeted them very gently (but was curious, and not afraid).

Then she saw something moving in the grass.

When this SWEET little (Cairn?) terrier came over to say hi...

Maxine was a little afraid (and backed away).

But then Hero told her it was OK- these dogs are very friendly.

So she came over to say hello (such a brave little girl ;-)
We would say she is DEFINITELY small dog safe...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Introducing Ms. Maxine

We have a house guest visiting us, at least for the next couple of days.
Her name is Maxine, Mulberry Maxine to be exact.
She has just moved to the area from Orlando, Florida.
At 59 pounds, she is a petite little girl, even for a three year old. She is an easy going young lady with lovely manners; she happily visited with all our kids (those with fur and those without.)

Hero, ever the gentleman says "ladies first".

Gotta love those ears.

If you are interested in bringing Ms. Maxine home with you, please contact VAGA
(703) 288-4649

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Duh Mom

I asked William what he wants for snack.
William "juice"
Me: "Ok,... but do you want crackers, grapes, or yogurt for your snack?
William: "I want juice"
Me: "yes, I know, but what do you want WITH your juice"
William "a cup"

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Hero Weather forecasting system

May 5, 09- another rainy day

May 8, 09- we finally see the sun!
(or at least I think that is what that bright light is- after so long I can hardly remember) :)