Saturday, May 16, 2009

Introducing Ms. Maxine

We have a house guest visiting us, at least for the next couple of days.
Her name is Maxine, Mulberry Maxine to be exact.
She has just moved to the area from Orlando, Florida.
At 59 pounds, she is a petite little girl, even for a three year old. She is an easy going young lady with lovely manners; she happily visited with all our kids (those with fur and those without.)

Hero, ever the gentleman says "ladies first".

Gotta love those ears.

If you are interested in bringing Ms. Maxine home with you, please contact VAGA
(703) 288-4649


BrittBeah said...

What a cute little girl.
I have noticed quite a few dogs at the Birmingham track with Mulberry as their first name, wonder if there is a relation? Good luck finding her a good home.

Angela said...

She is such a doll!!!

Stowe and Maria said...

Ha! Let us officially welcome you into the crazy greyhound people's club. A while ago you showed up at our house and were tentative about adopting Hero, and now he is the best dog you ever imagined. You are just like us..."we just wanted a good dog." Now you are fostering, that is fantastic. Next thing you know you will have a pack of greyhounds, do lots of fostering, and love every minute of it. Great job!

ykngld said...


We know you will be such a wonderful Mentor to Maxine. We're pretty sure she will be adopted quickly if the paperwork isn't in the works already!

Good Luck!
Handy, Drew and Nikki

Doug said...

Of course Hero is the best dog ever imagined... We started fostering because we got tired of people wanting to adopt him...

Ann said...

What a pretty girl! Hope she finds a fabulous home.

gyeong said...

She's a very sweet girl. I'm sure Hero loves having a little sister. I know I do.

Lance Pearson said...

Thanks for taking such good care of Maxine. Michelle is bringing her here to Chester, Va. to meet Kate and myself this Sunday and if all get along and she is as advertised she will have a new sister who is an 8 year old blue, calm, intelligent and ready for company. We're all looking forward to her trip this Sunday down here in Chester!

Thanks again. Lance Pearson