Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl vs. Snow Ball

Here in Virginia we are experiencing one of the "worst" snowstorms of the last 100 years. (I think officially it is #3). I say "worst" but the kids definitely think "best".
The trees, on the other hand, are not coping well- lots of branches down.
And as for the dogs-
I think W.T. wooF?
Pretty much sums it up.

I believe our official total was 26" of snow- though plenty of drifts are MUCH deeper.
Thank Heaven we still have power (many are not as lucky).
We could still eat our barbecue ribs, stuffed potato skins, and fajitas,
and watch the Saints win the Super Bowl!


houndstooth said...

I love that last picture! Looks like he got his wish!

Two Greyhound Town said...

We haven't had a big snow storm this year and never one that big. I think our record is between 18"-22" and that was in the 80's. We would definitely be stranded here since we live in the boonies. LOL

Hope your power stays on!

gyeong said...

Loved the snow till we lost power for the entire weekend. We snuggled with the pups to keep warm :)

Twinkietinydog said...

Loved the last photo. I think we should go by Biggie Z's to see what's happening. I'm in agony.

Angela said...

I'm sure the snow made kids happy all over the area, but I could have done without the snow for sure! Fortunately, we never lost power here either!

Ann said...

The official snow total for our town was 34"!! That's almost 3 feet of snow! Jeepers - no wonder it took us 4 hours to dig our car out! (Well, we helped the gal next to us dig out as well) Now it's snowing again! My dog is loving it - I don't know what it is about snow, but it really winds her up :)