Thursday, March 4, 2010

Are you my mother?

Quick post.
Miss Daisy is such a love !- She greets everyone (including Will- age 3 ) with kisses, greyhound hugs and the cutest tentative helicopter tail you have ever seen. I am guessing that it has not always been so tentative- because it is missing it's tip (victim of happy tail?).
But lately everything that she does is tentative, because she is NOT loving the smooth floors in our house ! I have done close to 100 laps around the downstairs with her and she actually walked to the front door on her own last night (she does LOVE her walks!) But she is so nervous on the smooth floors that she will NOT take any treats until she reaches "base"- the throw rug in the family room or living room.
She is the easiest foster EVER because she keeps herself in "time-out"- crate, or rug- most of the day. But unlike some other hounds (who shall remain nameless ;) she does not whine about it.
She has not had ANY accidents in the house (more than I can say for our 9 year old Jack Russell- Pepsi). I just wish that she could relax and become a more relaxed, playful dog; the dog she was meant to be.
If you have room in your home (WITH wall to wall carpeting) please contact VAGA 703-288-4649. And I will try to bring myself to part with this little sweetheart.


Twinkietinydog said...

How sweet. FYI we're about to remove the last bit of carpeting from our home (Los Angeles). I hope things either settle down or you find a new solution soon.

houndstooth said...

Awwww! She's just too cute! Must...look...away!

IHateToast said...

we have wooden floors. when we were getting fabian the three legger used to the house, we got cheapy marine carpet to put at corners. marine carpet is ugly, but cheap. didn't want to spend a lot on carpet and pads just for corner bits.

it's helped. he prefers his base of a carpet square in the living room, but he'll go to other rooms. some rooms remain no-go zones. i think it's the cats. because one cat is now blind, i don't encourage him to roam into those rooms.

as he got used to the corners and the slick floors, i moved the marine carpet bits to the back doors where they act as mats. good for catching dirty paws and shoes.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Not your mom, but love the cute swirly face!

Angela said...

Well, at least she's happy on her "base" :) Hope she soon realizes that the floors aren't so scary after all!

Macy slipped on the floor at Petsmart a couple months ago and now she's scared of all of the Petsmart/Petco floors (remember how she was at the last M&G?). She has a good memory and suddenly wants nothing to do with those floors even though they have never bothered her before!