Thursday, November 20, 2008

Have you seen this picture?

This is an authentic photograph -- or rather, composite of photos -- taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope of the Helix Nebula.
People are calling it "The Eye Of God".
There is a virus/(chain) e-mail going around saying that you should make a wish on it... So I thought that it was an appropriate post after the meme- (after all we all have great big wishes/dreams, right?). And even if it can't grant wishes, I still think it is a pretty cool picture.


Addie said...

Wow...I hadn't seen this picture, and it's interesting that my word verification for this comment is "cosmacrb".

This picture represents one of the most spectacular objects in the cosmacrb.

I made my wish, but I won't tell!


Leslie said...

That is just awesome, maybe it is the eye of God. Thanks, for sharing.

Zan said...

Wow!! I hadn't seen this pic either. OK wish made :-)!