Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Six more things- meme

Ok, so Addie tagged me, and the topic is 6 things I would change if money was no object....
Wow! 6 things? Even magic lamps only give 3 wishes.

#1 is EASY. - Get the heck out of Dodge.
No, No, not out of my Dodge Caravan- though that would probably happen too. But to MOVE! I have been living in the Washington DC/ Virginia area for 20 years (I am a transplanted New Yorker- do not hold it against me), and in all that time, it has never been a comfortable fit for me(though I do say y'all now). Hard to say where we would end up, - It's not that I want to move back to New York, -(though upstate N.Y. Is lovely). It's just that I want to live somewhere where the pace of life is slower, where there is less traffic (where a 20 minute commute to work is considered long), where people share my values,
"Where everybody knows your name".....Alex breaks into the Cheer's theme.
#2 Is more like 1B
Buy (or build) a big house on several acres of land/ (big fenced back yard). Even better-
We could design it ourselves . A mud room, a laundry chute- a laundry room with 2 washers/dryers, 7 bedrooms- 1 for each child, a big master bedroom with a fireplace and french doors to a balcony for Doug and I- AND a guest room, so my parents don't have to sleep on the pull out couch when they visit (with the dogs for company).
#3 Give more money to charity- Lots of different charities, I know that this should have been number one- but hey, I'm being honest here.
#4 Charity begins at home, fix up my parents and my sisters houses- plus money put aside so they could do whatever they wanted.
#5 adopt more greyhounds
#6 Do my part to stimulate the economy by hiring LOTS of domestic helpers... People to help with the dogs, people to help clean the bathrooms, people to keep those 2 washers and dryers running. And as God is my witness I would Never cook again....
Hey, you asked ...
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Addie said...

I love it Alex! Thanks for playing my silly game. I like how you'd do your part to stimulate the domestic worker and I would get along swimmingly, I think. :-)


Leslie said...

Oh, Alex what a life that would be ! I just finished my "meme" This will make Lori happy---Addie as she is called now by some folks..

Leslie said...

I am a "newbie',too. I just want to know who makes up the word verification "Words" This comment I have a enter the word (falsesse) I sure don't need those !!! Give me a break. ;*}

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I love reading blogs that people write from other states or countries. I figured you were local and in Georgia. Very cool!


Zan said...

Well said!! I love each and every one of your ideas!!