Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Confession

Confessions have been flying fast and furious around these blogs for the last couple of weeks. Rather like the Saturday before Easter ( don't get it ?- never mind, it's a Catholic thing).

Well I have a confession too,

Hi, my name is Alex and I am a greyhound adoption page troll.

I love to look at all the adoption groups "available hounds". Not only our local groups, mind you- I have been known to look at groups clear across the country. Forgive me, Hero, for I have lusted in my heart- lol.
It's just that one of the wonderful things about greyhounds is that they do come in so many different "flavors". Not only in color (and ear formation ;-) but in personality. One of these days I really DO want to get one of them, there, "velcro" dogs. Because while Hero is greyt; he is LOVELY to walk on a leash, and puts up with Pepsi like a pro- he is REALLY independent. If it isn't dinnertime or time for a walk he would just as soon have his "space". Now that may change as he adjusts, but if not........


Addie said...

Alex, what a juicy confession! I do the same thing. I understand about wanting a velcro dog, too. When we first got Bruno, he really did his own thing and didn't seek us out much. We've had him for 10 months now and he's becoming more co-dependent, like a good boy.
:-) Hoover was born that way, and I like him following me around. I know some people like independent dogs more, but I like that feeling of constant companionship.


PS - Have you checked out the kennel kids at www.greyhoundadoption.org? We have some newbies who are j'adorable (as Jonathan Adler would say)!

alex said...

tsk, tsk, Addie- feeding my addiction like that ;-)
As I side note, not only are the pups adorable, but some of the names make me laugh as well...
Dead Money?? yup, I've already had a "hit" from that site.

IHateToast said...

i can't have another one yet, but i like to look. i think of it as being married but going to strip clubs. i refer to dog blogs as dog p()rn. anything that makes me ooh and aah is p()rn, so naturally there's lots of oohing and aahing here.

whenever i run a race (and by run a race, i mean lag at the back), i look for greys among the spectators.

alex said...

Love the comparison to a strip joint- you can look, just don't touch ,eh?? Of course if you sponser/ donate to a rescue, is that like a dollar for the g-string?
Sorry- I digress.

Trina said...

Well no wonder you stumbled across my blog that is usually dripping with juicy photos of scrumptious greyhounds. ;-) My current foster is a velcro hound..you interested? ;-)