Monday, March 16, 2009

Well, you did ask...

In her comment for my last post Jen of Never Say Never Greyhounds asked "What the heck is poop freeze? :-)" Well, here is your answer:Product Description : Poop Freeze Aerosol Freeze Spray- POOP FREEZE is the first freeze-spray aerosol made for animal waste pick-up. Poop happens- just freeze it! Just frost and toss! Completely non-flammable. Cools surfaces down to 62° F. No CFCs to destroy the ozone . Does not harm vegetation and can be used indoors or outdoors.Totally environmentally friendly! Spray and then wait 10 seconds and a white crusty film solidifies the waste.
(it is also supposed to reduce the smell)

First of all, right off the bat let me say that :

I find it odd -and pretty disturbing- that Amazon has this product listed under Kitchen and Dining!- (ewww! I don't want to eat at any of their houses.) Poop Freeze Aerosol Freeze Spray: Kitchen & Dining

It is also sold by a company called funideas- helpful perhaps, but fun??

This Can Freezes Your Poop For Easy Pick Up! - Order Online Now. At

I had to share this review with y'all:

Poop-tastic, February 24, 2007
John Q. Consumer (Kentucky, USA, Earth) - See all my reviews I reminisce about old days when a uncle and his born-again Christian nephew had to make poop sculptures out of WARM poop. Not anymore, Scooter. Now I can finally make that life size poop sculpture of Debbie Gibson in my basement.
(I'm understanding the low happiness score for Kentucky- sorry- beating a dead horse)

Well- anyway, I can not share my own review with you yet.
This product was recommended by the Pet Expo (where Hero and I will be doing a Meet and Greet for the D.S.A. next Saturday.) Hero's bowel movements are sort of unpredictable, (they tend to go "Dairy Queen" on me when he gets a lot of treats; and that is likely to happen at the Pet Expo.) They offered a can of this stuff ( at 1/3 the regular price ) to pet owners buying a ticket to the Expo. I think that is probably a good idea all around.
I hope that it really works-
(What of my neighbor's can I freeze?) Just Kidding- really :-)


Leslie said...

Alex, that is just toooo funny for words. lol
What's next "freezing old women ?"
I hope not !!!!
Have a "happy ransmsto" day that is my v. word for this comment.

Doug said...

Please don't freeze every piece. I was thinking of getting this ( ) and need all the soft, stinky, squishy ammunition I can get to toss at the obnoxious neighbors...
V. word "putions"

Angela said...

We're planning to go to the Pet Expo this weekend too, maybe we'll see you there :) I haven't bought tickets yet, but I did see the ad for Poop Freeze - there have definitely been times when it would have come in handy!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Frost and toss... Fantastic :-).


ykngld said...

Poop Freeze - it's none other than Bubble Gum remover that I used 20+ years ago at a hotel. I wish I'd thought of that use for it - I might be a stay at home mom with my Greyhounds now!