Thursday, March 5, 2009

Friday Favorites

OK, so this Friday Favorite comes with a slight reservation., But here it is:

Blink Mess Lifters
I stumbled upon these "auto interior wipes" at our local Home Depot. With 5 kids (who participate in numerous sports) and 2 dogs, you can safely assume that the interior of my mini van sometimes more closely resembles a compost heap than a luxury vehicle. On one such occasion when the muddy footprints and snack/ drink spillage obviously trumped being "thrifty" I bought a package. I have since used them not only in my van, but also inside my home on carpets and upholstery. I have found them to be better (and certainly easier) than Resolve or Woolite for cleaning small areas. As I said, I have a reservation in recommending them, that is, a package of 20 wipes costs over $3.00! But if you are miserly in your use of them, I think they are worth having handy. For moments like these:And who's muddy mitt do you think this is?

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