Monday, March 16, 2009

Dear Neighbor

If our neighborhood had a community bulletin board I would be posting the following:

Will the neighbor who misplaced the clear plastic sandwich bag with the brown cylindrical remains of a canines' digested meal on my front door step, please come and claim them immediately.

Yup you got it, last night someone left a bag of dog poo on my front step. What is with these people?
I do try to be responsible. I bring plastic bags on our dog walks. I have even ordered some "poop-freeze" for when Hero's in dairy queen mode. My dogs do NOT roam the neighborhood unattended (unlike some others), and my dogs are NOT nuisance barkers.
Now, I do admit that my children may be careless with their clean-up when they walk the dogs (their bedrooms prove that cleaning up is not their strong suit). But there are at least 5 other children ages 8-14, who regularly walk their dogs (with no bag in sight). And this is a neighborhood where the dog owners far exceed those without dogs. So why do I warrant this special delivery?
Sure, it may have been kids pulling a prank; but the way it was so cleanly and perfectly placed in the plastic bag and then on the stoop makes me wonder. - Again, kids are not known for being meticulous.
Not helping my Happiness Quotient people!


Leslie said...

Now that would make me MAD !!!
My v. word for this comment is "dedomag" do you think that relates to your gift ?
One time I had someone leave a brown grocery bag full of live Hamsters between my screen and front door. What's this world coming to anyway ?
Have a good day, Alex.

Zan said...

The same think happened to me once, only they left the gift in my mailbox - lovely. I was particularly puzzled as I only very rarely walk in the neighborhood - too many loose dogs. When I do I always carry poop bags. Clearly mistaken identity.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

What the heck is poop freeze? :-)


alex said...

Leslie, I think more details are in order!- "a bag of Live hamsters"??? What did you do with them? Didn't they chew through the paper bag? I can just picture hamsters scurrying all over your house.
Zan- thanks for your comment! It really helps to know that it is not just in my little corner of the world that there are these odd people doing odd (and none too nice)things.