Sunday, March 29, 2009

Supporting the Arts

There was a County-wide student art show this weekend in Fauquier County Virginia. The art teachers of all the public schools (elementary through High school) chose the work of some of their students to represent what their classes are learning... Genna (5th grade) had one of her pictures chosen to exhibit.
Below are some of the other amazing pieces of art on display:

This photograph was remarkable- the glow on the beads made it seem mixed media/ 3D, I am sorry that a picture of a picture, does not end up doing the original justice!
So many promising artists- I wonder how many will continue into their adulthood?

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Leslie said...

Wow, those kids have talent. I hope they do stick with it. I could draw when I was young and my parents that I was no good it drawing and I quit and now I have lost that talent.