Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Favorites -shocking confessional edition

Yes, It is another shocking confessional.

(I am trusting you with one of my deepest darkest secrets- taking the chance that some of you may turn away in disgust, never to visit this blog again)

Yup- I like QVC (the television shopping network).

(go ahead and laugh)

No, I do not have a Diana Prince complex: I do not regularly find myself shot at; so I do NOT need big chunky bracelets that will deflect said bullets, and I do not regularly dress up as Wonder Woman-
Thus I do not need these bracelets...

Same goes for Green Lantern's power ring.

And No, I do not consider Joan Rivers to be a fashion maven to be emulated. (Any more than Phyllis Diller- Sorry ladies)

So Then why QVC? Well, I do love Peter Roth Thomas' "unwrinkle" especially the "peel pads" (sorry guys t.m.i?), BUT you REALLY should check out their line of "Temptations" oven to table ware- seriously go check the " Temptations line" out- I'll wait....
ok- so maybe later.
But in truth, it is their customer service department that puts them on my Friday favorites!

A couple of times I have made purchases from them (patch perfect grass seed/ fertilizer and Corky's ribs come to mind) when the purchase simply did not meet my expectations.
In both these cases I simply had to call to ask for a refund and one was cheerfully given. I did not even have to mail back the empty bags. I pray that nothing happens to change this company's wonderful customer service policies (though I do see the potential for people to abuse it).
There is also the possibility of abuse of their "speed buy" gimmick.

ehh Hero???
Thank goodness for that return policy :-)
(time to put Animal Planet back on)
Have a great weekend!


Leslie said...

I to have bought things from QVC but. I don't watch it regularly. Because I can talk my self in to thinking I need something that I didn't know even was available.
Have a good week-end. It looks like Hero is enjoying his week-end.

BrittBeah said...

I can never ever see you in the same light! J/K
It is funny that that is a guilty pleasure for you. One of my good friends just sits and watches QVC for hours, I totally make fun of her for that.

gyeong said...

With so many channels available, QVC didn't make it on my favorites list, so it doesn't even show up on my channel guide. I may have to rethink that :)