Sunday, March 15, 2009

Have you seen this?

Last year (2008) there was a Gallup poll; to find out in which states people reported being happiest. All the details are in the link below, but here is the break down-

I think Hawaii being one of the "happiest" states was sort of a gimmie- gee, if you live in Paradise and have enough money to be able to AFFORD living in Hawaii- I'd make the guess that you are happy.

Let me know if agree with how your state is represented.
I have asked around and NONE of the people I know in Virginia were polled. (If you were polled, let me know). So I have weighted in the people I know locally, and the map looks more like this:

Of course maybe if I can spend more time with the VAGA folks (and their "spirited" get togethers) my outlook will be brighter.
(Unfortunately, such get togethers would need to wait until after Lent because I have given up all alcohol until Easter). (That and this weekend's nasty weather may have prejudiced my happiness quotient.)

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