Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Send in the clowns

Alaina keeps reminding me that no one likes a "whiny" blogger
(wine-y yes- whiny no ;-).
I am sure she is right, but sometimes it is hard to be cheerful when you have so much stuff to juggle- and none of it is really "your" stuff to begin with.
For example-
Alaina: on her school's decorating committee (means extra chauffeuring for me), English Pot Luck supper Thursday- must make a dish for 25 people (don't think a 15 year old will be doing that alone), needs a costume for said English class' party- it is a "theme" costume party,
(Plus Each set of parents must send in a letter to be presented to their students at said Pot Luck supper telling them just how special they are- (that is a story in itself)).
Genevieve- Ecology club- (more chauffeuring), drama club - supply costume, (more chauffeuring), middle school orientation Tuesday AND Wednesday (seriously), bake cupcakes for class for Friday, Birthday party- with 6 10-11 year old girls - Saturday.
Mark- running club- early drop off, Air and Space museum field trip Wednesday-(must wear "school" t-shirt- must find said school t-shirt-hopefully it is clean) , send in money for teachers' gifts?? (class mother said she is collecting the money until spring break- is this for the end of the year gift? Don't know- but I send it in), write up and send in recipe for "secret" mother's day cookbook (still not kidding).
And that is just this week.
Then I get to focus on preparations for Easter.
(oh, and the circus is in town next week, the kids are hoping to go-(still not kidding)
How do mothers with jobs outside of the home do it???
Not to mention the laundry, and the cooking, and the dishes?
I know, I know, I am blessed.
Lord give me the strength to survive my blessings!!

sorry - I'll try to be cheerier tomorrow.


Annoying Koala said...

boy, and I am complaining about taking card of two fur-kids...

Hang in there!

Annoying Koala said...


IHateToast said...

i used to teach at a private elementary school. it would nerve me to no end how much work some mothers (and teachers) came up with for other people. it's too much. i think that's a decent whinge. go for it.

Zan said...

I must admit to laughing aloud at your post. Unfortunately I know from personal experience that you really aren't kidding. I wish you were!!

I sat in a mommy meeting this morning re how Wheeler's class can raise money for the prom (he's a freshman this year). The whole discussion was around what the moms could do. Umm..see anything wrong here?? Amazingly today they are having a bake sale. The mom's made all the goodies and believe it or not, are staffing the bake sale table so they can sell stuff all day. I'm still trying to figure out how this adds up to the kids raising money. Sounds like they ordered their moms to raise some. Scarily, I spent more making lemon bars than they will earn on them if all are sold priced as marked.