Sunday, March 8, 2009

I love "grey" days

It has been a lovely weekend (with temperatures in the 70's). Slightly cloudy with a chance of "greys"

Saturday- Mark, Hero, and I went walking with the "Mutts of Manassas"- well, really it ended up being just Sky, Sirius, and Hero. But, it was a very nice walk.

One of those-"If you are not the lead dog; the scenery never changes" moments.Signal Hill Park is really nice.

Sunday- brought the "Meet and Greet"at the Warrenton PetCo. with the Virginia Greyhound Adoption group.
Nope that is not Hero with Buford- It's Dexter (a handsome fellow who is still looking for his forever home). Dexter looking to get a kiss from Alaina too.
If we can't adopt him- maybe we can just foster ??
Handsome Buford

Goofy Hero :-)

Genevieve and Prissy.

2 lovely girls both dressed in baby blue.

Dog tired :-)


Leslie said...

I love your pictures of hounds and girls. You looked like you were enjoying the day.

déesse de la maison said...

check out the following website...they have a dog friendly coffee collection featuring ALL GREYHOUNDS!!! very cool (and delicious)! also, they donate $1/lb sold to the mobile greyhound park.

gyeong said...

Dexter is a good boy. Glad you got to meet him. Perfect doggie weekend weather.

Angela said...

What a cute picture of Dexter and Buford :) Thank Alaina for being our group photographer too!

BrittBeah said...

Hi, It's "Sicky" here. Just wanted to say I am a little green with envy (and snot :) ). You guys look like you have had just as nice weather as we have had this weekend. Glad you got to enjoy yours ;) What a nice day at the park.

pet care tv said...

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