Monday, January 5, 2009

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Ok- so I have not written a real post since December 28th. I say "real" because while photo tag is fun, it does not consist of much serious writing, (right, -serious was probably not the best choice of words). Anyway, I tried to write a post for New Years Day- even down loaded some photos and everything, but I often have to unplug my laptop in order to follow Will (2 1/2 yrs.) around the house- and lately my battery has been giving up even quicker than I do...
The pictures I had downloaded for said unsuccessful post are as follows-

The common denominator in all these photos is my 16 year old nephew Michael. He came to visit us from North Carolina for the week between Christmas and New Years. I thank my sister Marie and b-i-l Joe for sharing him with us. As you can tell, he is great with the kids and the hounds. He can come stay with us anytime, though (my 5 kids + my son's girlfriend + an extra 16 year old bottomless pit- I mean, boy = NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE (sorry didn't mean to shout :-) Michael was able to come visit us because his older brother John was passing through, literally- On his way, to visit his girlfriend's family, who also happen to live in Virginia. At least he did slow the car down before throwing Michael out....JK

This is the ONLY picture I have of John. (Does this picture=1000 words??)

One more topic I want to touch upon before bringing this ramble to a close. Has anyone out there seen the movie Marley and Me? I went to see it with Alaina, this past Saturday. Personally, I loved it. It was marred a little for Alaina by the fact that she has actually read (maybe "memorized" is closer to accurate) the book. I didn't know that the fact that I have not been able to read anything longer than a recipe in 2 years could work to my benefit. Also, I am probably not the harshest critic being that the last movie I saw at an actual "movie theater" was "Finding Nemo".

I actually read a review that called it "mean spirited". What??

Personally, I found it very real.

For those of us who know that life is messy: that people do get dissatisfied, Couples do fight, dogs do pee in the house, (and in PETCO ;-),(but we love them anyway), raising kids is hard, (but we love them anyway), And yes, death is the inevitable end to all our stories... I think it is a movie worth seeing, even if Marley was not a greyhound.

Asleep yet?

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Zan said...

Hmmm... I'm right there with you - haven't written a real post since Dec. 31st and that was written earlier and scheduled. I don't know what it is about this time of year. I have lots to say, but I'm too brain dead to actually sit down and articulate a coherent thought. I don't know how you do it and keep up with five plus extras.

It looks like you had a nice visit with Michael; he's obviously a great kid(I mean young man- sorry). You've' inspired me though. I have neither seen nor read Marley and Me although a copy is sitting on my coffee table as we speak. Maybe I'll actually pick it up and read it.