Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alex unplugged

Well, I was unplugged,
BUT, I shall be "unplugged" no longer!
No, I have not turned my back on all acoustically performed music....
This all started because my darling daughter Alaina had been "tidying".
Am I actually about to complain about a teenager who cleans? Well, yes I guess I am and- No, I did not mean to say " Alex unhinged"!
The problem is that when Alaina "tidies"- things go missing. Important things, like- mail correspondence, checkbooks, food, medications, AND cords/"plugs" for the computers- it's all fair game. And when you ask her if she knows where something is, more often than not the answer is, I didn't touch/move that! "I never EVEN saw that"
Well, this has been the situation the last couple of days with my cord/" plug" to download the pictures from my digital camera.
We found my dried ginger spice bottle (in the toy box), the dog treats (in with the candy), and the PLUGS in the china cabinet. YAY.
so prepare yourself fro a barrage of pictures....
"Alex unleashed"

This is another "pup" based on a picture on fellow blogger's blog.
This will be a greyhound bust (eventually). I will most likely will use glass eyes on this one too. (Unfortunately, that means ordering some 12 mm glass eyes through the mail- patience is NOT one of my virtues).
This Bust is made out of sculpey "premo" clay. a very different medium/ experience than using the boneware clay. It will be a more fair comparison, once it is "fired" and glazed. I'm not sure whether to try to glaze it in "true to life/ paint colors" or just glaze it white like the horse.
If you have actually stayed with me this far- PLEASE let me know your opinions!!!!

The birds that visit our bird feeder/ dog water bowl. ( These pictures were taken through our kitchen window- dog nose smudges and all :-)
With all the bluebirds we have been seeing, we should be drowning in happiness ;-)


Scott said...

We have lots of bluebirds as well, but I haven't seen any since it turned cold. In the spring and summer they were all over the place. Pretty birds :)

Don't feel bad about things going missing when cleaning, at least it's not you putting them somewhere and forgetting where they are! I do that all the time!

BrittBeah said...

Alex, have you ever seen Sarah Regan Snavely's site? She does some really neat stuff with her glazes. Oh, and did I mention she is AWSOME! I hope to decorate my entire dog room with her art.

Zan said...

At least Alaina is trying to help ;-)! Wheeler cleans his room by throwing everything under his bed and putting all clothes(whether they've been worn or not) in the laundry.

Love your work!

alex said...

Yes, I have seen Sarah Regan Snavely's site. She is amazing isn't she? I hope to be that good one day!
Zan- Don't I know it- I have 5 kids who throw any laundry that even "touches" the floor back in the laundry. One day you will find my laundry room in the Guinness Book of world Records under largest pile of laundry.