Thursday, January 15, 2009

What can I say?..

Yup, I am still fighting with my computer in general and with "Blogger" in particular. It has escalated to name calling (via verification words) on both our parts.

I am willing to take all advice and suggestions.
THANK YOU Jen- your advice about switching to edit Html -worked and I can at least move my pictures about again!! YAY!!!
"coment hoare" that I am- I will gladly take requests for the music "player", even "The Sound of Silence" :-)


Addie said...

Fantastic verification word hilarity. Nicely done!


PS - I love the music. This is one of my favorites to sing when I play Rock Band with the kids. :-)

Leslie said...

Aah, those V. words again, by now I have a list of about 50, the one for this comment "coleme" well I like the color me am.! I really laughed at the cat on the computer.
I hope you get snow soon, so your children will be happy.
Cheers ~~

Stephen said...

I can't hear anything? I'm just now reading of your problems. Sorry you're having trouble.

We can go more in depth with your blog woes if you want to. Maybe I can help.