Friday, January 30, 2009

Get a clue..

Now, don't get me wrong, I think Blue's Clues is a fine show. I recognize, and applaud, the fact that it teaches young children problem solving, as well as their colors, numbers, alphabet, etc.
But an interesting side effect is that my two year old thinks that every paw print is a "clue". All paw prints and pictures of paw prints are greeted with the joyful cry "a clue, a clue, Look Mommy a clue."

Will wants to "figure out" the mystery to which this paw print belongs.
I think it is the mystery of how 2 inches of snow/ ice (along with a strategically placed teacher work day), ended up giving his siblings a 7 day vacation ( I kid you not).


Two Greyhound Town said...

That's so funny! There are lots of "clues" around here to investigate.

Zan said...

Seven days? I hope you mean 7 calender days not seven school days. My son is of course hoping that a storm with a similar effect swings further to the south. I must say I wouldn't mind a surprise snow/vacation day but a week is a tad excessive.

alex said...

I was going to spare you the boring details, but since you :-p
Alaina (H.S. student) was exempt from her exams due to an A/B average in all her classes (I do not like this policy, but that rant can wait for another day).
Because of this, she had Thurs. and Fri. of last week off. Only having a partial day today (they still had a 2 hour delay this morning) kept her from 7 SCHOOL days off (11 calendar days). The elementary school kids fared less well with both Fridays being 1/2 days.