Thursday, January 8, 2009

The crazy pup gets a straight jacket

As has been alluded to before in this blog , our terrier/beagle mix named Pepsi is nuts. No need to candy-coat it.
We have been through Bark Busters as well as the local Petco obedience classes. She can: sit, stay, lay down, come, heel, beg, cover her nose with her paw, and play dead- all on command- as long as there are no unfamiliar people or canines in the vicinity.
Regardless of all the throwing of small bits of chain, and growls of bah, ehh, etc (oh, and use of the spray bottle too). She continues to charge the door, barking like a maniac, whenever anyone knocks or rings the doorbell. (Of course given the opportunity to actually greet the person she quickly accepts them, (people- NOT dogs). The same goes for walks on the leash.
Unfortunately all the reassuring in the world (to the people not her) doesn't cut it with the deliverymen and repairmen. She has been prescribed drugs by our vet, and we have tried those plug in pheromone emitters, in hopes of taking "the edge" off. We have walked her while wearing a cloth muzzle (her not us) but she scratched and pawed at her face until it was raw and bleeding. So, now I have found a new product to try-

Yes, it does say "end thunderstorm fear" which she does NOT have at all- she will happily sleep through thunderstorms, fireworks, etc. But it also says to lessen aggression, so hey- I will give it a go...

Pepsi "stylin" in her new "anxiety wrap"
So, of course everyone comes home and says "Oh, Pepsi has a new coat, She looks so cute, but does she like it? Will she wear it?" that sort of thing.
The last being a fair question because past coats have fared only as well as the muzzle- and were quickly chewed up/ removed. I pulled out the package to show them the claims that come with this new improved jacket- and it is immediately dubbed "Pepsi's Straight jacket"
Well, she seems to wear it happily enough which is a step in the right direction- if nothing else it is a coat she will be willing to wear in the cold weather. As far as actually "calming" her, I will keep you posted.


Zan said...

I've heard the coat (or a similar product) helps with thunder phobia, but have never thought of using it for aggression. As Rosie has some similar issues that we've only had moderate success addressing with training, I'll be waiting to hear how it works. Maybe you're onto something.

Scott said...

I imagine it helps them feel safe, warm and secure. I hope it helps! Definitely keep us updated on the blog.

I have similar issues with Beau, but not to that extent. He does bark when the door bell rings, and he barks at other dogs, but only because he wants to meet them. Even still, I'd much prefer a calm approach instead of a crazy dog approach ;)

Leslie said...

Let me know if it works ! I might find one big enough for my Crazy neighbor to wear, because some times she her "pandfist" on my door ! Good use of my v. word right ?

gyeong said...

Pepsi already looks much calmer. Maybe she thinks it's the latest in doggie fashion.

Addie said...

I think Pepsi looks adorable in her straight jacket, and I hope it works. But let's be serious...when you look that cute, does anyone care if you're a little nuts?

Keep us posted!


Elayne said...

Pepsi looks greyt in her new coat.