Sunday, January 25, 2009

There is a "p" in Dogtopia too

An Interesting Day.
After church - no stops at Target or Starbucks this week. Alaina needed to be dropped off at a friend's house. Said friend invited her to go skiing for two days- being that our local school system has Monday and Tuesday off this coming week. I hope she is returned to us still in one piece (especially since she has never skied before).
Then Eric and I brought Hero to his first "Dog Scouts" meeting. The topic of today's meeting was "therapy dogs".
Hero was indeed an "All Star" graciously greeting each owner/member. Requesting the scratches/ admiration that are his due, and performing/allowing all the required sniffing type greetings of his fellow canines. Foxy (a tiny Pomeranian) known for being very unsure of larger dogs and who "will snap when they come near her"- eventually allowed Hero to nuzzle her without any apparent stress, much to the amazement of her owner. The leader of the group noted that Hero would very likely make a very good "Therapy" dog.

The only grey cloud was that the meeting was held at a "Dogtopia" (a doggy day-care facility). And while it seemed very clean, I am afraid that there were scents that encouraged much marking by all the male dogs, our dear Hero included. I was able to interrupt him (mid-stream) 2 or 3 times, and by the end I think we made some progress in his understanding (No peeing anywhere with a roof!!!). Unfortunately, not before his marking my chair, on which my new wool coat (a Christmas gift from Doug) was hanging. This in turn encouraged several other dogs to mark the same spot- and then chivalrous Hero felt it his duty to reclaim my chair and coat as our property.
A trip to the dry cleaner is at the top of my priorities for tomorrow morning!


BrittBeah said...


Leslie said...

After Petco, I suggested Depends, I see you did not heed my advice. LOL. No, I am not laughing about the "P". My v. word is "awlscru" That sounds kind'a vulgar to me. Could be I am just a "Dirty Old Woman."
Have a safe trip to the Cleaners.


alex said...

LOL- Leslie, "awlscru" it- is exactly how I felt about the "p". How amazingly appropriate.

Zan said...

Hero, you're momma will take care of her own coat. You don't have to mark it for her!

Angela said...

Ugh...boys! Hope you got your coat back fully "un-marked" to avoid a future attack! I didn't even know about "Dog Scouts", but I just looked it up...sounds like fun. Good luck if you decide to get Hero certified to be a therapy dog, I'm sure it is very rewarding!