Monday, October 5, 2009

Funny Face

Hey Pepsi, did you hear? We are getting a new foster dog!

Her racing name was "Gossip Hound"- but we got the thumbs up to use the call name Rumor.
This has had the unintended side effect of the kids calling her- Rue, or would that be Roo?
She arrived along with the sweet fawn female- racing name "Nitro Gabbie" now called Lola.
They seemed very attached to one another.

All your warm wishes and prayers worked! You can just see the pink stitches on her nose where she had her "growth" removed. (I believe they said it was from an infected hair follicle?) They did a wonderful job stitching her up- no one can tell it was from an incision (small problem there- EVERYONE we meet keeps trying to be helpful and brush (or pick) the "lint" off her nose- I am getting a bit jumpy about it :(
Sunday brought about Beautiful weather and the Fredericksburg dog festival. The festivities started with all the dogs being blessed. Yes, Rumor got blessed too, but our photographer fell down on the job when it came to getting her picture :(
Then came the dog parade through downtown Fredericksburg. as you can see VAGA was well represented- the greyhounds were out in force!

Next came the costume contests. Here is Will and Hero in the under 5 category.
Of course he and Hero did not walk around the ring alone... no I am not hiding my face on purpose- just good timing! I may not be as lucky when it comes to the local paper- the reporter stopped us to get our names, as part of an article- I doubt I'll ever see it though, since we do not live in Fredericksburg.
Will wins a ribbon.

Next Mark entered the 9-12 age group. Hero graciously lent Rumor his costume (but notice that someone forgot to tighten the girth, Rumor is quite a bit smaller than our big Hero)- Thus the rodeo rider became a trick rider.

I hope all my readers enjoyed as lovely a weekend!


Debbie said...

I'm so glad that Rumor got to come up to VA. Looks like she is already having fun. You made the paper...congrats!

gyeong said...

We did have quite the greyhound turnout. And the weather was beautiful for a doggie parade. Check out your pic in the Free Lance Star

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Cute name... Gossip Girl aka Rumor.


Angela said...

Sounds like was certainly a beautiful weekend for it. Congrats to Will and Hero, what a cute costume! Rumor is going to have a greyt time with you guys too!