Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Give me an "F"

I think the letter for this coming weekend is "F".
No, not as in Fail. (I hope)
F as in Foster- There is a good chance we will be getting a new foster dog Saturday. YAY!
F as in Football (Mark's Pee Wee football team has a game Saturday morning)
F as in Fall
F as in Fredericksburg and Festival-
Fredericksburg is holding their annual Dog Festival Sunday, and we hope very much to be able to attend.
One of the potential fosters for our group (VAGA) is this adorable Fawn brindle named Gossip Hound. But Miss Gossip was found to have a bump on her nose which needed to be removed and biopsied before she is allowed to take the trip north.
Please join me in sending healing thoughts her way, with hopes that she will join her Fellow hounds on their Foray (ok- so, that one was stretch :).
I do hope "Fine" and "Fixed" and "Fortunate" will be added to our list of F words.

PS- Lisa did you get my email?
If you e-mail me the address where you would like me to send Connor's portrait, I'll be glad to drop it in the mail.


gyeong said...

Hope your foster works out! Maybe we'll see y'all on Sun for the dog walk.

Ann said...

Hey, I will have to check out the deal for tomorrow - that sounds fun! Thanks for the info :)