Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Open to Interpretation

First, I want to share with you a verification word that I had to type, in order to leave a comment on one of the other "hound" blogs that I follow.

Trust me, you do not type "peeless" without noting it.
While I guess technically it is a adjective, those of you who know Hero will understand why it struck me more as a command, request, or helpful suggestion- pee less!

More random thoughts-
I believe the fact that Vincent Van Gogh was an artistic genius is pretty much undisputed.
And while I do NOT count myself among the well educated on the subject of art and art history, I still do appreciate the raw emotion and power contained in his paintings.
This being said,
Am I wrong in wondering if this young lady (and her parents) considered this portrait flattering?

Why do I ask?
Well, I mentioned that Lisa sent me the following lovely photographs of her greyhound Connor:

(well, here is my interpretation)- Alaina called it "scary".
While evoking emotion is what every artist hopes for, fear was definitely NOT what I was going for.
Perhaps you will prefer this one

Lisa, let me know if you actually would like to have one of these pictures.

It also happens to be our friend Theresa's birthday tomorrow, so I thought I would draw her dog, Isis, as one of her gifts.
Alaina tried SOOO hard to get a good photograph of Isis but she appears to be REALLY camera shy-

Anyway- here's what I came up with.


Ann said...

Actually, I think the first picture is really great! I mean, the 2nd is also, but I think the dog looks so dang sweet in that first one... don't listen to the critics, lol!

Lushorama said...

FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!! I haven't had a chance to catch up on my blog-reading for a few days, so imagine my surprise and glee at seeing my beautiful boy immortalised in art!!!!
I think that both portraits are great, and I would be proud to own one (or both!) of them - how do we organise that??
I'm blown away....have been having a run of crappy days, and seeing your post has really made me happy - I squeeled when I read it, and I'm in my class - the kids all rushed to see what the commotion was about, and they are very impressed (and they're 14 year-olds, so that's saying something!!)
hahhhhhhhhhhhhh.......happy sigh....