Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Tuesday

A short post today.
Just something, so that the ol' blog doesn't continue to wish you "Happy Labor Day" into October :)
We attended VAGA's Warrenton Meet and Greet this past Sunday. I forgot my camera, but you can read all about it over at Treasure What You Have.
We were thrilled to get the chance to meet Puddin' Pop; and yes, she is everything that Angela says she is !- (why, I might go as far as to say that she is AS charming as Hero- well, as long as Hero was out of ear shot that is :)
The kids also had their first Sunday School class of the year. I am guessing that the religious education director is not a football fan because Sunday school is scheduled for 4:00- 5:30 (on Sundays?!), thank goodness for DVR.
Finally, a shout out to Lisa, my first victim...err, volunteer, to send me photos of her gorgeous hunk of a hound, Connor to paint. I love that he is confident enough in his masculinity to be cuddled up with a pink blanket :)
Stay tuned to see what I have come up with...


gyeong said...

Sometimes I don't update my blog for a few weeks. It's ok. Sorry I missed the Warrenton MnG. Looks like there was a good turnout and everyone had a good time.

Angela said...

Awww...Puddin is blushing! I had to whisper in her ears too, so Macy and Buford didn't hear :) Thanks again for supporting our M&G!