Monday, September 7, 2009

Hope you're Having a Greyt Labor Day Weekend

I know, I know-
Two weeks without a post- shameful
Not posting on Hero's 4th birthday/1 year gotcha day anniversary- unforgivable!
But not to worry his special days did not go uncelebrated.
He got a trip to the park, a stop at PetCo for a new bone (no, no cake- but please refrain from hate mail/ flaming me :) My furless children consider themselves lucky to get a cake.
1st the good news-
The following weekend we went to Keepstone Farm's Dog Days celebration.
Hero PASSED his TDI (Therapy Dog International) testing.
Now we just await the processing of the paperwork (so more on this later).
There were also games-
This highly unflattering picture, shows Alaina (with borrowed dog- Sky) Hero and I doing the egg race.

Yes, we won- prizes all around: a floppy Frisbee and bandanna for Sky, a yogurt bone and bandanna for Hero

Now the less good news:
Our trip to the vet found that Hero's latest bout with diarrhea has left him slightly dehydrated (they thought it bad enough to require some IV fluids). His blood work was normal (except for the levels effected by the dehydration), he is totally negative for parasites (including the lyme's titer), but a week on rice/bland diet and even liquid Pepto-Bismol has done nothing to help.
He is now back on Metronidazole (fingers crossed- but we are not out of the woods yet). Our vet felt it serious enough to forgo the Canine flu shot which I was really hoping to get Hero, since there have been several cases reported in Fairfax, Virginia. Three cases have been confirmed at our vet's practice alone. But I really do appreciate her being cautious, (she felt that since it is a relatively new vaccine that we could not be sure if it would put an additional strain on his system).
All this while the kids are returning to school. 3 back to school/ meet the teacher nights at 3 different schools, plus Genevieve's Band instrument rental night (she was assigned the trombone :)- more on this later too, I'm sure.
and... Mark's little league football with practice 3 nights a week (we were told that it would be 2 nights a week once the school year started, but after 2 crushing defeats the coaches decided they need the extra night).
For my friends at Genji's Corner.
Perhaps you recognize these hounds, (perhaps you don't)
Since it is not an accurate representation of how sweet Stella and Stanley looked in your photo, and I had to change the background color (after a failed attempt at a pinkish beige), but let me know if you want it anyway.

And to all the rest of my dear readers if you have a greyt (close up) picture that you would like me to attempt- pass it along to my e-mail.


gyeong said...

Congratulations Hero on passing your TDI test. Stanley enjoys his time at the Nursing Home. Hope you feel better soon, birthday boy! And YES, I would love to have the painting of Stella and Stanley. If you will be at the next Warrenton MnG, I can pick it up in person.

Angela said...

Yay for Hero! Though I had no doubts he would pass. Give him a belated birthday hug for me! Don't worry about not posting - 5 kids, 2 dogs, 1 husband, and a great painting talent is enough to wear anyone out!!! You seem to handle it well :)

Ann said...

Oh, the dog days thingie looks like fun! And yes, we like amusement parks, so I guess we'll have to check out King's Dominion. And you bet as soon as I dig up a nice pic of my dog, it's coming your way, lol!!

Ann said...

Yep, the purple paper has glitter, and the other papers have foil accents. I looove sparklies, lol! I don't think it's the sort that will come off all over my livingroom.... ;)