Saturday, August 22, 2009

I "DREW" a Surprise

I saw the photograph this picture is based on over at Nuttin But Hound Dogs ,
I loved the color and composition so much, I had to try to "paint" it with my oil pastels.
Poolie- I'd be glad to mail it to you, if you e-mail me your address.


Angela said...

Wow! You should really start your own business!! Nice work :)

gyeong said...

That looks great! I think it would make a great 500 piece puzzle.

ykngld said...

OH MY DOG! Literally - it is absolutely gorgeous! Drew would be so honored to have such a likeness of himself!

I think you have a future in this painting thing - I'm sure the fanatical greyhound owners will be lining up to get their hounds on canvas!

Mailing Address:
Jon & Lisa Poole
217 Cotton Mill Drive
Hiram, GA 30141

Wait until I show Mr. Jon - he's going to love it too (he's mowing the big back yard this morning).

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Very nice!

ykngld said...

I posted Drew's new portrait as my Facebook profile picture - already have 5 WOWs on it! You should seriously consider this as your little part time job!

Would you consider donating a custom 'I'll paint your dog' item for our auction in November with Dr. Couto speaking - I could use this one of Drew as 'advertisement'?

greytblackdog said...

This is awesome. Really you are so talented!

Bronny said...

What a wonderful painting. you are very talented. I wish i could paint i would love to capture my guys like you have captured this beautiful grey.

Ann said...

That's amazing - and you've just started doing this? Very, very nice. I'll send you a pic of Merry dog to