Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rock and A Hard Place?

Our school system has sent home consent forms for our children to get the H1N1 vaccine at school. They are requesting that the forms be returned by today.

The problem is that I have not yet been able to decided how I feel about it.

The rumor mill has it that H1N1 is already IN our schools (Fauquier VA). But the schools will neither confirm nor deny it. They only admit to very high absentee rates. If the kids have already been exposed to the virus- the value of receiving the vaccine later this month and then a booster (a month?) later is negligible.
And of course there is the concern that not enough testing was done on this new vaccine- in the rush to get it out to the public.
I very much respect ANYONE'S strongly held conviction- one way or the other, because to me it seems pretty much a crap shoot.

(I realize that this first story is not about the H1N1 vaccine- but I think the argument is still valid)


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Life With Dogs said...

My wife is considered high risk, so we are just trying to get our hands on a dose. I'm nervous about the vaccine, but am terrified at the prospect of her getting this flu. No fun no matter how you consider it...