Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A good Rumor to share

I am wishing that I had a bunch of new, adorable, pictures of Rumor to post on my blog.
Unfortunately, with 5 children with varying degrees/ types of illness (it's that time of year)- the photo-ops have been few and far between. I have 2 kids home sick, and 3 that are still functioning well enough to make it through the school day (but are single handedly keeping the Kleenex and Triaminic companies in business- a free investment tip :)
It is SO much fun watching Rumor come out of her shell.
She is a LEANER. She will stand quietly leaning up against your leg for what seems like hours, certainly for as long as anyone is willing to pet her. (guess where she is as I write this :)

If no one is petting she is exploring and * patroling ALL the windows for squirrels *.
Any potential family should be willing to be alerted of the presence of invading "stuffies". She is a sentry extraordinaire!
She does respond pretty well to correction, though, when she gets too noisy about it. And she is really good about crating.

My parents live in New York. They lost their last dog about 5 years ago. I always wish they were closer- but now, especially, because I think Rumor would be such a good fit for them. I can just picture Rumor leaning up against my mom as "she" (my mom not Rumor) does the crossword puzzle. And I could see her (Rumor, not my mom :) keeping my Dad company while he watches football games on TV- only problem would be that he would turn her into a GIANT's fan .

If you are looking for a friend to watch football (or squirrels) with please contact



Life With Dogs said...

Great endorsement - you make Greyhounds sound so good - and aren't they? :)

IHateToast said...

third attempt.

have forwarded on to my stepmom's family in VA. i'm a sucker for leaner leaners.

gyeong said...

She sounds like such a sweet girl. I can't believe people aren't waiting in line for her.