Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Embarrassing News and Rumor/ Gossip

Thanks to all my VAGA friends for letting me know that we were indeed in the local Fredericksburg newspaper- "The Free Lance-Star", and while I can not blame them for thinking that Will and Hero were the cutest thing at the Festival, it's definitely NOT a glamor shot for me :(

On to our Rumor

Just the perfect little angel, right?

"Hey Hero, she's not watching right"?
"OK Kid, the coast is clear, go for it"

Fosters on the furniture is a definite no-no.
"Will, what is Rumor doing on the couch?"
"I don't know Mom, I was sleeping, honest!"
We really are working to break her of the habit-
So don't spread it around, ok?


Angela said...

Looks like she's making herself right at home ;) M&B have never tried to get on the furniture. Puddin helps herself, but only her front half...she's never jumped all the way up. Just goes to show they're all different!

Ann said...

Oh, c,mon, you look great! How fun for your son to win...they both look cute!

gyeong said...

Congrats on the Blue Ribbon at the Festival. Rumor seems smarter than you average greyhound :)