Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Trails Maxine

Yesterday Maxine travelled all the way down to Chester, Virginia to do the equivalent of Greyhound speed dating :-)
We brought her halfway home ;-)- (we met Michelle Ridlon of in Fredericksburg, who then escorted her the rest of the way).
Her potential match is an experienced greyhound owner (who will give her lots of time and attention) and his 8 year old blue greyhound named Kate. We know that Maxine will enjoy having a big sister to help show her the ropes.
We hope that the meeting went well- and that it was love at first sight for all involved!
We will miss Maxine a lot, she really is a special little girl.
Attention VAGA : we have an empty cage waiting for it's next occupant...
Update: Maxine has been adopted. As has already posted in the comments, They loved her (and how could they not) and it is now official.
Signed , sealed, delivered- she's home.


Lance Pearson said...

Maxine is very happy here, spent the night easily and enjoys the backyard and her new big sister, Kate. All's well and she is a bright, alert, little girl with a great personality.

All's well and thanks again. I have some better photos of her but don't see how to post them here. She is quite photogenic.

Lance Pearson

gyeong said...

Glad to see that Maxine is enjoying her new home. Kris says having fosters can get addictive. You'll know when the right one comes along.

Debbie said...

Thank you for fostering Maxine and getting her home acclimated. You did a great job!! Maxine's forever home is perfect for her and she will be loved and spoiled the rest of her life.
Have no fear...that cage will not be empty for long : )

Angela said...

Congratulations to both you and Maxine! It has to be hard to let go, but you exposed her to a lot and did such a great job fostering her! We're so glad to have you in the VAGA family :)

Michelle said...

Thanks again Alex for doing such a great job fostering Maxine and for meeting me in Fredericksburg! She certainly has found a wonderful forever home. =) I am glad I had the opportunity of meeting her.

Lance Pearson said...

It's a long day later and I'm sitting in the sunroom with two greyhounds on some of their various beds, totally out cold and totally relaxed. Saturday there was just one wonderful grey here, 8 year old Kate. Today, there are two, Maxine or Maxy who is this cute little dark brindle who's now been in the SUV, loves the back yard, slept on a bed next to her new sister Kate last night in the master bedroom on the floor, ate in her bowl and is getting very used to attention from a guy who must feel seem a giant to her, a 6'4" guy who's real happy to have her.

It's one thing to place dogs in homes. It's quite another to place the right dog in the right home.

Kate and I thank you all immensely.

Lance, Kate and Maxine Pearson
Chester, Virginia

alex said...

Dear Lance,
Thank you SO much for dropping us a note to tell us how well Maxine is doing. Of course it is really hard to say goodbye to such a sweet girl, but knowing that her new home is such a good one, and that she is being loved and cared for, makes it easier,... that and knowing that there are so many future fosters waiting for their chance...

Stowe and Maria said...

Great job Alex! It is terrific to see that Maxine has a great new home. Can't wait to see who the next foster will be!

Ann said...

Love her funny flopped-on-her-back deal! So happy she found a home.

Glad to hear the "trash is free" lol! It's not our apt., that's all one big dumpster, so I guess my DH just got some bad info, huh? Nice to know!