Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun and Games

This past weekend was Will's 3rd birthday.
The tradition in our household is that the birthday person gets to choose their birthday dinner- no holds barred.
Will's choice-No, not French Cuisine, not good old-fashioned American barbecue, not even our favorite Italian restaurant "Mama Mia's (cue Billy Joel's "Scene's from an Italian Restaurant"- I really love that song...)

Nope, Will's pick -Chuck E Cheese's.

Those of you who have furry, four legged, children may not have had the pleasure of dining at this establishment. Picture 100's of blaring video games, running/ screaming sugared up children, and cafeteria quality food (pizza, chicken wings, etc.).

Aren't you dying to go now?
Anyway- the kids LOOOVE it.
What's better than arming a three year old with a hammer and telling him to hit a video screen with it?

Arming him with a machine gun ?

Accident prone Alaina wins the prize- for kicking her flip flop sandal into the center of the soccer game cage.

They had to send maintenance to open it up and fetch Cinderella's slipper

I told you she won the prize- look at all those prize tickets...

Will sneeks a peak at his presents...

One of Will's gifts was a bubble gun-

The bubble's landed in the garden creating bubble plants


Doug said...

I think one of my blogger fans (SAM) would be envious of those bubbles!

Hey vword = bulseph !

I thought this was an E rated forum... ;-)

Ann said...

Ah, Chuck E. Cheese... the bane of adult sanity.....but, yeah, my girl likes it too!