Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hint, Hint

It's a good news/ bad news kind of thing.
The good news is: This Saturday 5 more greyhounds are leaving the racetrack/ kennel in Florida, and coming to Virginia, to start the rest of their lives in their forever homes. (please keep them in your thoughts and prayers)
The bad news is that it is summer, and it is HOT. -But you knew that already.
Unfortunately, that means that VAGA can not use the regular dog hauler (it gets TOO hot), and thus only a VERY limited number of greyhounds can be transported via personal cars. This limited number does not include a foster for us.
wondering which one might be our next guest....
We are hoping for a hugger.
You can't beat a greyhound hug ;-)


gyeong said...

I will be glad to lend you one of the 10 kids I've been babysitting this week :)

Chester said...

Good luck-rescuing any is better than none, right?
I give chocolate hugs but now you have Mom wondering about these grey-hugs.What makes them special. (What can I say? That's just how her feeble mind works.)
Chester ;0=)

webmaster said...
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