Saturday, June 6, 2009

Around Town

Last week a neighbor of ours came over to let me know that she had spotted a brown bear behind her house, and that I should keep the kids and the dogs inside (and "keep an eye out because it could come back"). I thanked her for her concern and for letting me know-
( side note- there has been an "official" Brown Bear sighting in Clifton, Virginia on June 9,2009 so it is possible )

but in the back of my mind I have to admit I wondered...


The SAME day (I am not joking) another neighbor's son who was over playing with Mark said that his mom had seen a coyote that afternoon-

Now Please understand that we live in a VERY suburban area

so again I wonder


That evening Doug said that as he was pulling into our neighborhood he saw a fox. or

No- Just kidding Doug,- I do believe your fox sighting, especially since we have photographed them in our backyard several times before. And of course our neighbor's "coyote" could have been a grey fox because when googling grey fox images I actually came up with THIS one labeled "Yosemite Park Grey fox"-

with the the length of those legs I'm thinking coyote too- what do you think?.

And yes, I know that there are real deer in our neighborhood too- but I could not resist, after all every dog post needs at least one greyhound pic....


Annoying Koala said...

Last time we were at a natioanl park and the park ranger came to us and told us that he thought we were walking dears. LOL

BrittBeah said...

Excellent likenesses.

Carrie said...

Great pictures!

I wish we could foster, but my youngest gets very attatched, very quickly. We call her Miss Doolittle! Animals loooove her, and she loves them. I'm also one that can't seem to part without alot of blubbering, LOL!

Bronny said...

great pics I hope the Bear's and Coyote's stay away from your place.