Friday, April 10, 2009

Strange Bedfellows

Yes, yes, this is a re-run (and it's not even Summer yet ;-) But I wanted to play fair for those
gathering sticks.......

Those of you with more than one hound are probably used to seeing scenes such as these:

Pepsi still swears that they are NOT friends ;-)

But last month Hero decided that Will was also part of his pack, thus fair game for the customary "dog pile" napping position. Will obviously does not mind.

But as they say: "turnabout is fair play".

Speaking of strange bedfellows:

Virginia 2007
Ok, I can tell I have probably lost some of you.
Well, it all started with our friends over at Life with Dogs
And like all great ideas, it took on a life of it's own:
My theory- wherever dogs are being harmed Mr. Stick has probably had a hand in it-(well ok, he doesn't actually have hands), but he has been involved in some way.
And that includes the Michael Vick dog fighting ring.
So keep an eye out for Mr. Stick where ever he may be lurking.


Leslie said...

Oh, what wonderful pictures of the dogs and Will !
Thanks for letting me see them.
Have a Blessed Easter.

Zan said...

Great pics of the pups and Will - made me feel all warm inside.

Then Mr. Stick came along. Now I know who is behind Vick's problems. The stick made him do it.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

What a cuddlely clan. :-)

Ahhh, there's "The Stick". :-)


GoldenSamantha said...

Super doggie pix! Just found your blog through - you may have guessed it - Mr. Stick and Life with Dogs! Evil thing!
Happy Easter and Hunting!
xo Sammie

IHateToast said...


cuter than adam ant which is my word verification. okay, not exactly: admant.

mr stick is vile.

gyeong said...

I love the furkids who love to snuggle with each other, and sometimes us too.