Monday, April 6, 2009

Party Animals

Saturday was Genevieve's birthday party (her actual birthday was Sunday). She chose to go ice skating. It was only her second time skating, but she is quite enamored of it (perhaps we have another Dorothy Hamill in the makings- better that, than another Tanya Harding!)
I will spare you the dozens of pictures of the girls skating:

and making silly faces:

and skip right to the pictures with Hero being admired:

Genevieve got this t-shirt as a gift from one of her friends- Hero obviously agrees with her taste!

Then, Hero had enough partying, he's not exactly a party animal.

Will- on the other hand...
no that is not an allergic reaction/ swelling
those are balloons

(I agree)


Leslie said...

As always I enjoyed the pictures.
Oh, so relieved that wasn't an allergy that was bothering Will. LOL

P.S. the v. word for this post is "sablypne" just how would you use this in a sentence ???

Zan said...

Happy Birthday Genevieve!!

Looks like she had a great party - and that Hero was proud of her choice in friends - they know a great pup when they see one!!