Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Garden Variety Mob Hit

I was going to entitle this post "Always Wear Protection",
but then thought better of it...not that I think that any of my genteel followers would have misconstrued such a title ;-)
No, What I mean to say is- While most of you are familiar with the notorious Mr. Stick and the injury that he caused Sola over at Life with Dogs. You may have, like me, thought that this was just one bad branch broken off of a basically good family tree.
But now I have my doubts.......
I was gardening this past weekend when a bunch of rouge Irises (I knew I should have dealt with those dead-heads last fall) attacked me leaving me with several nasty splinters.
I got most of them out with ease - but there is one that seems to continue to evade me (and is even starting to look a bit infected :-(

I just wanted to send out the warning- whenever you are in the great outdoors, be ever vigilant, and have protection on hand!


Mr. Stick said...

I'm spreading the splinter love. Now where did I put that salt?

Ann said...

Oh, yeah, I did some weeding today, and I have the nasty red scratches on my forearms to prove it!