Saturday, April 11, 2009


Sending wishes for a most egg-cellent Easter to one and all!

Please note the blue hound egg that Alaina designed.

Genevieve hard at work - the white designs were etched with a dremel type tool.

As promised - the Easter candles we decorated.
Left to right- Will's egg ( the pattern was his- I just controlled the flow of the liquid candle paint/wax),- Genevieve's egg, (back- water lily)- My egg (front- paw print egg) ,- Alaina's "hound" egg- (right) Mark's egg (I believe it is a volcano)


Bronny said...

I love the egg's they are all great. I really love the hound egg.

ykngld said...

Alaina - your hound egg rocks! You ought to start a business with your very cute greyhound drawing!

They are all so creative - greyt idea on candle eggs!

The Poole Pack

Zan said...

Sp-egg-tacular eggs. Sorry I couldn't resist. You and your family are very talented. Alaina, I especially love the hound egg!!

Murphy said...

The candle eggs are greyt! I also like the earlier pictures of the various hounds and children piled on top of each other.