Friday, April 3, 2009

Self Preservation

Anyone want to hear a story?
Ok- so once upon a time there was a young girl- let's call her...Genna. And this young girl (who happened to be about 5 at the time), had an older sister, let's call her, oh, I don't know- Alaina. Now Alaina was attending a nature camp one summer, (the sort of camp where they go down to the creek to catch tadpoles, small fish, bugs, etc.- *supposedly to study and then release them without harming them*). Well one day at pick up, Genna saw a bunch of paper cups lined up on a picnic table. She realized that she was feeling pretty thirsty being that it was a hot summer day, so she picked one up and promptly took a swig (obviously thinking that this was the refreshment table). Yup, you guessed it- this was not the refreshment table but the sample table, And she promptly spit out a small "sunny" -one that never made it to release. (We will never know if it was dead Before it got in her mouth/ on the ground.)

Ok, so what put this story in my mind?

Well , late last night I was busy decorating 2 dozen cupcakes for Genevieve's class. Yes, the green icing is the ready made- in the tube- type. I am a VERY SEMI-homemade type mom.
Those of you are familiar with this product know 2 things;
1) do NOT start the tube directly on a cupcake unless you are looking for an excuse to eat the "oops".
2) If you are decorating your cupcakes by covering the whole top with the tiny star/ flowers shapes each tube only decorates 5 cupcakes.
The first fact meant that I had a plate covered with the runny- "first try- squirts" from about 5 tubes. The second means that I used 5 tubes :-(
Genevieve found this plate still sitting in the sink this morning and promptly went to eat some.
YUK- (I refrained from taking a picture of said disgusting plate though- I did seriously consider it at the time)
Proof of her lack of the self preservation instinct?
1 box cake mix, 3 eggs, 5 tubes of icing, 3 boxes peeps = it would have been cheaper to buy ready made cupcakes at the store (and I would have gotten to bed earlier and had less dirty dishes to clean.
Hmm- lack of self preservation must be hereditary.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I like it.... "very-semi-homemade". Aren't we all these days? :-)


Zan said...

I'm impressed with your decorating skills - semi homeade or not. Besides, if you'd gone with store bought you'd never have "made the memory" of Genevieve tasting icing scum. Some memories are priceless! ;-) FWIW I'm certain Wheeler would have tasted it too.