Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meme from A-Z

Leslie from Hillbilly Heaven posted a Meme, not too long ago....

And tagged anyone who wanted to play along, (so consider yourself tagged ;-)

The object is to describe yourself using each letter of the alphabet
So here is mine:

A- My name is Alex
B- I enjoy "Blogging"
C- I have 5 children
D- My husband's name is Doug
E- Etsy- I would love to sell my sculptures on Etsy
F- is for Family
G - has got to be for greyhound
H- is for humor- it makes everything better- movies, blogs, relationships, life
I- Interior Decorating- one of my passions
J- I like Jade, Japanese Irises,the smell of Jasmine, jazz (but only big band/swing), and my
Jack Russell mutt - named Pepsi)
K- is for kitchen , where I spend a LOT of my time
L- has to be for laundry (if you have kids; you understand why)
M- is for "Mom"- My other name.
N- New York (my hometown!)
O- is for- "O.K."- I use that phrase WAY too often when I blog
P- is for the Power of Prayer
Q- is for quiet- with 5 kids and 2 dogs I am not very familiar with this, but I think it sounds like a wonderful concept
R- I am a practicing Roman Catholic- ( but I do need more "practice" ;-)
S- Is for sculpting and scrapbooking (which I do with varying amounts of Success)
T- is for Television- which I watch far too much, Teachers- (for whom I have the greatest respect!!)- and teenagers (well-- not so much)
U- is for unusual- dare to be different
V- is for Virginia (I have lived here 21 years and counting)
W- is for warm and windy- I love warm, windy days.
X- xeriscape landscaping (a good idea, especially when watering plants is not your thing)
Y- is for yellow- Not my favorite color- but still- the color of my house (exterior and living room), daffodils, honeysuckle, lemon meringue pie, and buttered popcorn, (so it's pretty cool)
Z - our last name starts with Z- so my initials are A.Z. (and that's me from A - Z)


Carrie said...

Wow, 5 kids! I only have 2, and they are too much for me some days! LOL!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. "The shot incident" probably sounds worse to me than to other people when I actually explain it. LOL!

Leslie said...

Way to go Alex !

I enjoyed your "MEME."

Hugs to you and your family~~~Leslie

IHateToast said...

A-Z is the coolest.
i hope doug's middle name is martin, so he'd be DMZ.