Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't tell her I told you....

Next Saturday is Alaina's birthday - she will be 15. And like most fifteen year old girls her birthday "wish" list includes clothes, money, gift certificates for clothes -**(but only from the "right" stores), money, make-up and other beauty products, money, shoes, and of course- money.
But also- she also wanted to get her haircut.
Now, I had already made an appointment to get my own hair cut yesterday at a local salon, (since Doug had Presidents' Day off from work and could be pressed into doing babysitting duty for an hour or so). But I do have to admit that I am passed being overly picky about who cuts my hair...
We had found a WONDERFUL hairdresser in Annandale a while back:
and both Alaina and I highly recommend him , if you happen to be in Annadale Va.- unfortunately, we AREN'T, we live in Fauquier County (that is easily an hour drive each way!). I know I am a terrible mother, but I continue to work under the assumption that there are some competent hairdressers SOMEWHERE between us and Annandale. I asked Alaina if she wanted to wait until we could get her to her hairdresser of choice/ or if she wanted to try one of the hairdressers at the salon where I was going. She said she would try the "new" hairdresser, since she just wanted "a few layers and her bangs cut".
Right- I saw you all flinch , you know where this is going...

Quite frankly, I thought the hairdresser did do a good job on her, though Alaina does have A LOT of thick hair that tends to puff up ( something Alaina tries to avoid like the plague )- she wants it sleek, and smooth,-and with all the mousse and blow drying that this women did , well.... You can imagine the hysterics in the car.... (so much for a mother-daughter day)
Though of course once she washed it and flat ironed it at home I think even she had to admit it wasn't a bad cut...
Now as for my hair, well I mentioned that I wanted to get the hair out of my face. my hairdresser dutifully made sure that it could NOT get into my eyes.
It pretty much looks like this:

Too bad I DON'T have Alyssa Milano's bone structure, her face, (or even her body)
but I get to have her hair.


Doug said...


Don't let her fool you with this post.

Leonardo Dicaprio will just have to settle for second best with his SI swimsuit model.

Zan said...

Happy Birthday Alaina!! Wheeler turns 15 in May, and all I've heard about is his driving permit - the thought scares me to death.

A good haircut is invaluable, though you're right, you ought to be able to find one closer than an hour from home without having to restyle it yourself (after paying to have them make you look like a poodle.)